An “app” is short from the word “application” and it is a software for mobile phones which can contain many books as the Bible in many versions and many languages. For example, makes an app simply called “Bible” that it is on many smartphones and it has 3 versions just in Romanian alone:  Versiunea Dumintru Cornilescu (VDC), Versiunea Dumintru Cornilescu Corectata (VDCC), and Noua Traducere în Limba Romană (NTR). It also has many other English versions. These versions can be easily viewed on multiple smartphones such as Android phones (Samsung, HTC, Motorola),   Blackberry phones, iPhones, Palm phones, and Windows phones. A brief introduction follows and the hope is that in the future a more thorough evaluation will follow.

For the people interested here are some links for the apps:

“Bible”, made by
This app is free and has the Biblie in over 100 languages.
“Holy Bible”, made by Olive Tree
This app costs a little more and also has the Biblie in multiple languages.