History of the Church

First Romanian Pentecostal Church is the first Romanian congregation that was founded by four families in the Seattle area in May 1987. It was later established as a nonprofit organization with the Secretary of State in Olympia, Washington, USA. Through various Romanian publications and word of mouth, the news that a congregation formed in the Seattle area began to spread throughout the Romanian community in America.

The number of church members grew steadily.  The early Church was considered to have the status of “mission house” part of organization Assembly of God, USA.

In 1991, the 120 members of the Church have decided to no longer be affiliated with the organization “Assemblies of God” and became independent. During this time the church decided to purchase a property at of 2 acres at 8315 NE 155th Street Kenmore, Washington where there was an old building.

Since 1993, we have seen a steady increase in membership and participation in church programs. Also during the the same year we completed a substantial remodeling of the church building.

In 1997, we acquired a property that is near the current property which was approximately 27,000 square feet. Then in 2001, we acquired another adjacent property, and the two additional properties are currently used as parking spaces.

In October 2003, we began construction of office spaces, classrooms, fellowship halls, adding 8,500 square feet to the building of the Church. When the building was finished on May of 2005, the church building was 15,280 sq ft in total.

In September 2009, we celebrated the construction of a new sanctuary, which is bringing 7000 sq ft to a total 18000 sq ft building area. Currently, the church has a total of 630 adult members and 520 children.