Philadelphia Project

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.


In this ministry it is our vision, first and foremost, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those being sponsored. With that being said, FRPC and Church Filadelfia in Romania, more specifically Suceava, have joined together in bettering the standings of children from one of the most poverty-ridden regions in Romania and that of the European Union, Vaslui. Each sponsored child travels from their home town to Suceava where they find themselves at Church Filadelfia.

Filadelfia is not just a church but also a school. This school is built on Christian values and has some of the highest educational standards in the region. Each student gets situated into their own dorm with 1-2 other roommates. They also receive 3 square meals a day, clothing as needed, when needed. With the loving atmosphere at the school, they can find who they are and build strong moral values to lead them to a better future where they can continue on the positive path they’ve been introduced to, and possibly continue their education at a university.

Ultimately, it is our goal at FRPC to continue the work God has called us to in Vaslui, and open up doors never before possible in Vaslui. There is no doubt that we will achieve the goal of spreading the Gospel to those much less fortunate than ourselves due to God’ blessing and the perseverance God has instilled within us at FRPC and Church Filadelfia, as well as, the generosity of those sponsoring, be it within the church or not. Thank you.